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Where Whites and Creams are our Bread and Butter!!!

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Welcome to our website. My name is Steve and my wife Margie and I have been raising and showing cavies since 1970. We raise Americans primarily in White and in Cream and Satin Americans in White. Recently we have begun working to develop some Cream Satin Americans, as well, Our original white and cream Americans are descended from the herd of whites that George Long showed very successfully for many years in the Northeast. They came to us in 1990 by way of a fellow breeder named Jake Kliewerda who was residing in NJ at that time. We were fortunate enough to be able to get some of George's creams when he decided to work on other varieties. Our satins came from Pam, Robin and Chrissy Cascioli who sold us some dynamite white sows. We have worked these with our Americans to improve the type and size.

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Welcome To SLM Caviary!
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Here come the Tans!!
The Beautiful Tans!
Black Tan Sow
We began working with the Tan American Cavies in 2002. We were, unfortunately, forced to reduce our herd by about half in 2005 so we had to part with our Tans and Roans, but not before winning Best of Variety Tan American at the 2005 ACBA Specialty Show, the first national show after the tans had been accepted by the ARBA. We are also proud to have made the first registered Tan Grand Champion in the country

I am a licensed A.R.B.A. Cavy Judge and have been so since 1979. We currently run a herd of approximately 70 adult cavies. We are both members of the A.R.B.A. (American Rabbit Breeders Assoc.), the A.C.B.A. (American Cavy Breeders Assoc.), and the M.A.C.B.A. (Mid-Atlantic Cavy Breeders Assoc.)

Please see our photos page to see some of our past and present animals!

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